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1590 AM, Wayne

City of License: Wayne

First Air Date: March 18, 1968

Operating Power: 500 watts

Original Call Letters: KTCH

General Manager: Robert Wilson

News Director: Stan Peterson

Program Director: Don Kramer

Sales Manager: Roger Elder

Date of FCC Issue: 1967

Issued To: Mel Gleason

Through the Years

  • 1971

    KTCH is purchased on March 1 by Wyman and Willa Schnapp. Their ownership would only last 2 years. Blair Johnson was the program director and weekly programming included a 3 hour polka show.

  • 1974

    KTCH is acquired by Ed Storck. Ted listed himself as President, General Manager and News Director. Jan Lehman was commercial manager, Paul Patrick was Program Director, Mark Smith,-Music Director, Earl Fuoss-Promotion Manager, Doug
    Thompson -Chief Engeinner. Ted added a sister FM station and KTCH-FM began broadcasting in October of 1975 at 104.9 with a power of 3,000 watts and an antenna height of 113 feet. The station was a Mutual networks affiliate and Am programming duplicated FM programming 75% of the time. In 1977, Broadcasting Yearbook identified Dan Baddorf as Program Director, “beautiful music” as the FM format, and Robert Morris as Chief Engineer.

  • 1978

    Dean Craun buys KTCH AM/FM on June 1, listing himself as President and General Manager. Sandra Schultz is commercial manager, Dan Baddorf is music director and the FM duplicates programming 60% of the time.

  • 1980

    AM power is increased to 2,500 watts utilizing a 2-twower direction tower system. Concurrently, the height on the FM station is increased to 300 feet. The FM format is listed as Middle of the Road and Top 40. The AM format is Middle of the Road and Country. Dan Baddorf is Program Director and Marak Baumert is News Dierector.

  • 1983

    Mike Mascoe becomes News Director and the stations change network affiliation from RKO to ABC.

  • 1987

    KTCH is sold to Don Dolesh, a Budweiser Distributor in Fremont. Mark Ahmann is hired as General Manager, Dan Baddorf is Program Director and Mike Mascoe stays on as News Director

  • 1997

    KTCH AM/FM is sold to Gene Koehn, who owns KNEN in Norfolk, NE. The FM power is increased to 25,000 watts. Koehn later seslls KNEN and the KTCH stsations to Waitt Media which is later acquired by NRG in Cedar Rapids, IA.

  • 2007

    In 2007 the stations are brought by Mike Flood of Norfolk, NE.

  • 2008

    KTCHY and KCTY FM are purchased by veteran broadcaster David Kelly, former owner of KWPN (now KTIC) in West Point, NE> Classic country remains on KTCH but KCTY moves to Adult Hits.

  • 2012

    April, 2012, KCTY adopts a hot country format, branded Big Red Country.

  • 2014

    February 2014, KTCH programming moves to FM at 104.9. Big Red Country branding and hot country format remains. AM adopts KCTY call sign and changes to a Classic Hits format.

  • 2014

    August 2014 KCTY adds translator K255CK at 98.9 FM re-branding the stations as “The City”