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101.5 FM, Hastings

City of License: Hastings (Grand Island)

First Air Date: February, 1965

Operating Power: 2,700 watts

Original Call Letters: KICS FM

Format: Middle of the Road/Beautiful Music

General Manager: James A. Lambros, Jr.

News Director: Jerry Baker

Program Director: James Lucas

Chief Engineer: Timothy Lowenstein

Date of FCC Issue: June 7, 1965

Issued To: K-Bar-J, Inc.

Through the Years

  • 1965

    February, 1965-  Station signs on as KICS-FM. Studios/offices & transmitter located at 500 J Street, on the southeast edge of Hastings, NE on U.S. Highway 6.  Co-located with KICS AM.  2,700 watts at 159 feet (Class A).  Simulcast KICS AM 100%.

  • 1967

    September 9, 1967-  Voluntary assignment from K-Bar-J to Hastings Broadcasting, Inc. (Jack Dinsdale, President).  Dave Nixon, Vice-President/General Manager.  Roger Harper, Program Director; Lloyd Thomas, News Director.

  • 1969

    John McMillan, General Manager.  KICS FM duplicates KICS AM programming 50%.

  • 1970

    General Manager- Bob Templeton.  Format: Contemporary

  • 1975

    February 6, 1975-  Voluntary assignment of license to Apache Broadcasting Corporation for $160,000.
    (Charles Sweatt, Chairman).  Kenneth Gruszaecki, Vice President/General Manager.  Brian Downey, Program Director; Tom Robson, General Sales Manager; Rich Dillman, News Director; Don Small, Chief Engineer.  Programming duplicates KICS AM 50%, otherwise a Progressive format.

  • 1978

    December 14, 1978-  Voluntary assignment of licenses to Highwood Broadcasting Company (James J. DePalma & wife Letitia) for $475,000.  DePalma is President & General Manager. Shawn Schleif, Program Director; Tony Edmonson, News Director; Dan Small, Chief Engineer.

  • 1979

    Station call letters changed from KICS to KEZH FM.

  • 1981

    Format flip to Beautiful Music.

  • 1983

    January 1, 1983-Highwood (DePalma) sells to Tri-Cities Broadcasting (R. D. Hanna, President, Edward Tricker)) for $800,000 and a $150,000 non-compete.  Jerry Hinrikus, General Manager, Shawn Schleif remains as Program Director.   Tower height increased to 265 feet.

  • 1984

    KEZH gets a construction permit for and upgrade to 49,600 watts at 255 feet.
    Format change to adult contemporary/oldies.  General Manager is Brian Griffey.

    July 12, 1984-  Sold to Tri-Cities (Brian Griffey, Charles Cooper) for $75,000.  ($35,000 cash, $40,000 loan).

  • 1986

    January, 1986-Transfer full ownership from Fox Hanna Corporation,  half-partner Robert D. Hanna to Edward H. Tricker for assumption of liabilities.  Sale includes KICS  AM and KREX, 1260 AM, Crookston, MN.

  • 1988

    KEZH upgrade to 50,000 watts at 265 feet.  Format:  Adult Contemporary.

  • 1990

    September, 1990-  Fox Hanna Corporation (Timothy T. Boyd) sells to Heartland Radio, Inc (E. Eugene McCoy, Jr.) including KICS AM for $570,000.  (Other buyers include E. Eugene McCoy, Sr., William P Turney and Michael S. O’Connor.) Heartland also has an interest in KZOC FM, Osage, Kansas and KZEN, Central City, NE.   General Manager:  Ray Crocker.

  • 1991

    KEZH flips format to Country.

  • 1993

    June 23, 1993-  KEZH is granted a construction permit to go to 100,000 watts at 1004 feet.  Tower location is 1.3 miles northwest of Lowell, NE.

  • 1997

    September 9, 1997-  Osage Radio Inc (E. Eugene McCoy, Jr) sells to Three Eagles Communications (Rolland C. Johnson, Chairman/CEO, Gary Buchanan, President/COO) as part of a package that includes KICS AM, KZEN FM, Central City and KNJP, Sargent, NE for $2.1 million.  Studios move to 311 West 11th Street, Kearney, NE.




  • 1998

    KEZH call letters are changed to KROR and format changes from Country to Classic Rock as “Rock 101.5 FM.”

    August 6, 1998- KICS AM is spun off to KHAS Broadcasting, Hastings, NE (Wayne Specht, General Manager).

  • 2000

    November 20, 2000-  Three Eagles Communications spins KROR to Eternal Broadcasting, LLC (Dick Chapin, Dean Sorenson) for $750,000.

  • 2002

    KROR studios move to 3522 West Capital Avenue, Grand Island, NE, co-located with KSYZ FM.

  • 2005

    Facility upgrade to 100,000 watts at 1,004 feet.  Tower location:  N40 39 28, W 98 52 04, same tower location as KRNY FM and KQKY FM, Kearney, NE.

  • 2006

    January 31, 2006-  NRG Group  acquires KROR in a swap for KLIQ FM, Hastings, NE.   Dan Zabka is General Manager of KSYZ and assumes same duties for KROR.

  • 2014

    Dallas Nau is General Manager.