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96.9 FM, Seward (Lincoln)

City of License: Seward, NE

First Air Date: November 12, 1976

Operating Power: 100,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KSRD

Format: Middle of the Road

General Manager: Frank Newell

News Director: Warren Krech

Chief Engineer: Robert Potter

Date of FCC Issue: June 7, 1977

Issued To: Tri County Broadcasting Company

Through the Years

  • 1976

    April 21, 1976-Construction permit is granted.

    June 7,1976-  Call letters assigned:  KSRD FM..

    November 12,1976-  KSRD signs on with 100,000 watts at 600 feet.  Studios/offices:  600 Seward Street, Seward, NE.    Licensee:  Tri-County Broadcasting Company (Herman Lee Reavis, Vinny R. Wheeler, Stephen J. Wheeler, Leonard E. Wheeler, and Clark V. Wheeler) dba KSRD Radio.  Transmitter:  2.5 miles North of Valparaiso, NE, on Nebraska route 79.

  • 1977

    June 7, 1977-  Studios/offices move to 212 1st Street in Seward.

  • 1978

    October 25, 1978-  Dual City ID:  Seward-Lincoln granted.

  • 1980

    December 24 , 1980-  Voluntary assignment of license to KSRD Radio Company.  Sold by Tri-County (Frank R. Newell, President/General Manager; Diane Newell and Richard E. Witkowski) for $530,000 to KSRD Radio Company ( Mel Wheeler).Format change from Middle of the Road to Soft Rock.

  • 1981

    Format change from Soft Rock to Country & Western.  Studios move to 212 S. 1st Street, Lincoln, NE.

  • 1983

    Format adjusts from Country & Western to Modern Country.

  • 1984

    January 4, 1984-  Sold by KSRD Radio (Denton, TX partnership of Mel Wheeler 80%, Herman Lee Reavis 20% to MusicRadio of Nebraska (Donald Cavaleri, President’  Stephen Kushner and John Pico) for $864,000.    Studios/offices:  2127 “O” Street, Lincoln.

    February 23,, 1984-  Call letter change to KZKX.

  • 1986

    Studio location:  111 North 56th Street, Suite 205, Lincoln

  • 1987

    Studios/offices:  4435 “O” Street, Lincoln.

  • 1990

    January 1, 1990-  MusicRadio of Nebraska, Inc. (Don Cavaleri; Steve Kingston) sell KZKX to Sherman Broadcasting Corporation ( KZKX, Inc), (Bob Sherman, President, owner of KKRD, Wichita, KS) for $1.97 million.

    May, 1990-  Julie Gade, General Sales Manager of KFMQ, Lincoln joins KZKX as Vice-President/General Manager.


  • 1992

    October 15, 1992- KZKX is sold by KZKX, Inc (subsidiary of Sherman Broadcasting Corporation) to Carl Terry Robinson for $2.85 million.  (Robinson also later buys KTGL, Beatrice-Lincoln).

  • 1994

    May 12, 1994-  KZKX/KTGL  is sold by  Pourtales Radio Partnership (C.T. Robinson, President) to Triathlon Broadcasting Company ( Robert F. X. Sillerman, CEO, Norm Feuer, President)  as part of an 18-station group for $43.8 million.  (KZKX and KTGL value of $12 million).  Studios/Offices move to 4630 Antelope Creek Road, Lincoln.

  • 1996

    July 24, 1996-  Capstar buys Triathlon Broadcasting for $190 million, including Nebraska-licensed stations, KZKX, KTGL, KKNB AM Crete, KIBZ Lincoln, KTNP Bennington, KGOR and KFAB Omaha, and KXKT Glenwood, IA.

  • 2000

    August 30, 2000-  Capstar sells to Clear Channel Radio.

  • 2007

    April 10, 2007-  Three Eagles Communications (Rolland C. Johnson, Chairman; Gary Buchanan, COO) buys KZKX and KTGL.   Three Eagles also owns KFOR AM, KFRX FM, KIBZ FM, KLMS AM.  James Keck is named General Manager.   Studios all move to 3800 Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln, NE.

  • 2014

    September 12, 2014-  Three Eagles Communications sells to Digity Companies (Florida, Dean Goodman, President).

  • 2016

    February 25, 2016-  Alpha Media (Larry Wilson, CEO) purchases Digity Stations for $264 million (116 stations in 26 markets) including KXKX and its sister stations.

  • 2018

    KZKX is branded as KX 96.9, “Lincoln’s Country Leader”.