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93.5 FM, Columbus

City of License: Columbus

First Air Date: November 25, 1969

Operating Power: 3,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KTTT FM

Format: Bright Pop Music

Network Affiliation: ABC

General Manager: Ken Kilmer

Issued To: City and Farm Broadcasting, Inc. (William Whitlock, President)

Through the Years

  • 1969

    November 25, 1969-KTTT-FM 93.5, 3,000 watts at 252 feet signs on.  Antenna is located on the KTTT AM tower.  Programming is duplicated with the AM 50%, and increased to 100% in 1972.

    Studio- 1259 27th Avenue, Columbus, NE.
    Transmitter- North of U.S. 81, 2.6 miles northwest of Jct. 81 and 30.

  • 1970

    General Manager is Joseph L. Stavas.

  • 1972

    April, 1972-Control of City and Farm Broadcasting, Inc., sold to Donald L. Robson for $183,000.

  • 1973

    Programming- MOR with special programs of Polkas and Farm News.

  • 1975

    KTTT FM airs Top 40 format after KTTT AM sign off.

  • 1985

    KTTT FM is sold to Columbus Broadcasting Systems, Inc. (Ronald L. Kruse, Timothy A. Cumberland and Charles W. Sand) for $792,000.  Sale includes KTTT AM.

    Studios/offices move to 1418 25th Street in Columbus.

    FM call letters are changed from KTTT FM to KWMG.

  • 1989

    August, 1989- KWMG is sold to Husker Broadcasting Inc.  (Raymond A. Lamb, President, Ross Johnson, Vice-President) for $850,000.  Sale includes KTTT AM.

    Format- Soft Adult Contemporary, targeting 25-65

    General Manager- Phil Vausch

    KWMG separates programming from KTTT AM and goes Album Rock, targets 30+, young families.  KWMG picks up ABC-Contemporary network affiliation.

  • 1991

    KWMG gets an upgrade to 95,300 watts at 991 feet on a new tower at 310 St and 430 Ave, about 20 miles west-northwest of town.

  • 1992

    General Manager- Wayne Walker

  • 1994

    KWMG changes call letters to KKOT, switches format to Country.

  • 1996

    KKOT and KTTT are sold to Three Eagles Communications as part of a package that includes ten other stations for $10.2 million.  Three Eagles also owns an agriculture and news network, FarmNet, based in Columbus.

  • 1998

    General Manager- Greg Wells.

  • 2002

    August, 2002-Three Eagles buys two other Columbus stations, KJSK 900 AM and KLIR 101.1 FM from Heartland Broadcasting following the death of Heartland’s owner and transfer of control of the company to a Sioux City, IA bank, for $2.7 million.  Besides KTTT and KKOT, Three Eagles owns five other stations in Nebraska.

    KKOT changes format to Classic Rock.

  • 2014

    Columbus stations are sold as part of the Three Eagles Broadcasting’s 48-station package to Digity (Dean Goodman) for $66.5 million.

  • 2016

    February, 2016-Stations are sold as part of Digity’s 116-station package in 26 markets to Alpha Media for $264 million.