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1340 AM, Fremont

City of License: Fremont, NE

First Air Date: December 23, 1939

Operating Power: 100 watts

Original Call Letters: KORN

Format: Country

Network Affiliation: CBS

General Manager: Paul Fry

Chief Engineer: Percy Zeigler

Issued To: Inland Broadcasting

Through the Years

  • 1939

    Owner Inland Broadcasting was located at 17th & Douglas in Omaha in the Saunders-Kennedy building.

    Station was authorized for construction on November 3rd, 1939 and went on the air on December 23, 1939 at 1370 AM in what was believed at the time to be a record for short-ness of time between authorization, construction and operation. Studios were located in the Pathfinder Hotel.

    According the Broadcasting Magazine, January 1, 1940, the chief owner of the station was Clark Standiford, former co-owner of KGFW, Kearney, NE, who was also to be the manager.   Commercial manager was Randy Ryan, former manager of KMMJ, Grand Island, NE.  Larry Coke, also formerly of KMMJ was program director and E.A. Blackburn, Chief Engineer.

    The station was Gates equipped with a 179-foot Wincharger tower.  Its transmitter house was the residence of two families of engineers.

  • 1947

    May,1947-Nebraska Broadcasting sells KORN 1400 AM, Fremont with its authorization to move to Lincoln for $20,000 to Inland Broadcasting (Omaha).  Inland also has a grant for a replacement station for Fremont at 1340 kHz at 100 watts.

    August, 1947- The KORN signs on as a replacement for ex-KORN, 1400 which becomes KOLN 1400 in Lincoln, NE.

    Station address is 115 East 5th Street, Fremont.

  • 1948

    Station is sold to Walker Newspapers (Lester Walker, President) for $22,000.

  • 1949

    Call letters are changed to KFGT for Fremont Guide and Tribune.

  • 1953

    Station license is assigned to Walker Radio, Inc. to separate broadcasts interests from newspaper.

  • 1955

    In an economic move, the station was allowed to downgrade from full-time to specified daytime hours.

    The station is sold to Snyder Enterprises (father-son partnership, Harry and Leroy Snyder) for $36,000.

  • 1958

    Call letters are changed from KFGT to KHUB.

    The Moostash Joe Polka Show (Joe Spellerberg) begins a six-decade run.

  • 1962

    Station returns to full time operation.

    Power is increased to 500 watt days, 250 watt nights.

    December, 1962- KHUB Inc. is formed when Harry Snyder of Snyder Enterprises becomes full owner.

  • 1975

    KHUB FM 105.5 signs on.

  • 1974

    Transmitter and tower for KHUB AM is moved to Military Avenue just east of US Highway 275.

  • 1975

    KHUB, Inc (KHUB AM/FM) is sold by Harry Snyder to George Allen and Richard Shaheen for $600,000.

  • 1985

    KHUB AM night power is increased to 1,000 watts, but daytime remains at 500 watts.

  • 1992

    KHUB Inc sells 85% of the AM/FM to Robert Clause and Joseph Nugent for $400,000.

  • 1996

    Joseph Nugent sells KHUB AM/FM to K-Heartland Broadcasting (Terri E. Simpson) for $582,000.  Seller also sold construction permit for KMRV, Blair, NE to K-Heartland for $18,000.  Deal fails to close, KHUB, Inc later sells to Mitchell Broadcasting.

  • 1997

    May, 1997- Stations are sold to Mitchell Broadcasting for $422,000, includes KFMT 105.5 FM.  New General Manager is Delwin Meyer, Program Director is Chris Walz.

  • 2002

    KHUB is sold to Waitt Radio, Inc. as part of a $36.6 million package that included Mitchell’s other 16 Nebraska and Iowa holdings.

  • 2005

    Waitt merges with New Radio Group forming NRG Media (Mary Quass).

  • 2012

    NRG sells KHUB to community First Media (Richard Chapin, Dean Sorenson) for $900k plus receivables.  Sale includes KFMT 105.5 FM and KBLR 97.3 FM.

  • 2013

    July, 2013-Station is sold to R&R Broadcasting, Inc. (Rick Siebert) for $1.15 million, including KFMT 105.5 and KBLR 97.3.

  • 2014

    Sold to Walnut Radio (Steve Seline) for $1.25 million including KFMT and KBLR.