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91.5 FM, Omaha

City of License: Omaha, NE

First Air Date: September 16, 1969

Operating Power: 26,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KIOS

Format: non-commercial-educational

General Manager: Jim Price

Program Director: Jim Price

Chief Engineer: James Minear

Issued To: Omaha Public Schools (School District of the City of Omaha)

Through the Years

  • 1969

    September 16, 1969- KIOS signs on as Omaha’s first non-commercial educational station.   Studios and transmitter located in Central High School, 124 North 24th Street, Omaha.  Power is at 26,000 watts at 246 feet.

  • 1971

    Station adds NPR (National Public Radio) as a charter member of the network .

  • 1973

    James Minear becomes General Manager.

  • 1974

    September, 1974-Radio Talking Book Service, programming to the sight impaired is added to the sub-carrier audio channel (SCA).

  • 1975

    The transmitter is moved to a new 490-foot tower at Benson High School, 52nd & Maple in Omaha.  Station is silent 25 days during the problem-plagued move.  The studios are relocated to Technical High School, 3219 Cumming Street, Omaha.

    Frank Bramhall becomes studio manager and hosts the morning show, Breakfast with Bramhall, Beethoven and Bach. 

  • 1976

    Musical Bouquet of Germany, hosted by Charlotte Fritzer Skow begins a ten-year run on the station.

  • 1981

    Power is increased to 55,000 watts.

  • 1982

    Omaha jazz-great Preston Love begins Love Notes for a 15-run on the station.

  • 1983

    Recording for playback of the Omaha Symphony performances at the Orpheum Theatre begins.

    Station joins the new start up, American Public Radio (APR) which carries the popular Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keeler.

  • 1985

    A storm silences the station for five days and the the station has to operate at reduced power for a period afterward.

  • 1987

    Power is increased to 55,000 watts.

  • 1992

    Bruce Crawford’s fill tribute documentaries at the Joslyn Museum begin and gains national attention with his 1994 Ben Hur documentary airing over NPR (National Public Radio).

  • 1993

    NPR’s Whaddya Know with Michael Feldman airs from Omaha at Burke High Schoo.