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1600 AM, Superior

City of License: Superior, NE

First Air Date: March 17, 1959

Operating Power: 500 watts, daytime only

Original Call Letters: KRFS AM

Issued To: Great Plains Broadcasting, Inc.

Through the Years

  • 1959

    March 17, 1959- KRFS AM 1600 signs on with 500 watts, daytime operation only.   Main studios and transmitter located at 610 West 8th Street at North Park Street, northwest edge of Superior.  Owner is Great Plains Broadcasting, Inc.  Principals:  Melville Gleason, President (30%), Tommy L. Gleason (30%), William S. Scott (20%) and Gerald Charles Bryan (20%).

  • 1960

    June, 1960- License is assigned to KRFS Radio (David L. Tucker and William L. Gratopp) for $70,000. Tucker assumes the general manager position.

  • 1961

    November, 1960- License is assigned from KRFS Radio (David L. Tucker and William L. Gratopp) to Valley Broadcasting Company (David L. Tucker) for $56,000.

  • 1964

    General Manager David L. Tucker describes the KRFS format as middle of the road, telling Broadcasting magazine, “Our listeners, Frankly, have never really been exposed to the more ‘far-out’ side of life (jazz, etc.)….The greater population we serve grew p in the late 1930’s and early 40’s. Their tastes have not varied from that era.  We are in a constant battle over what little top 40 we do play for the teenagers.  However, the children of 12-18 over 10 years ago, are now 22-28, they have married and have their own children. They are more and more becoming our ‘buying public.’  Someday, I feel it will either to play top 40 or go under.”

  • 1967

    Transfer of control from David L. Tucker to Robert J. Kelly for $13,000, giving him 51% ownership.  Kelly assumes the general manager position as well.

    Pre-sunrise operation with 500 watts is authorized  (6am to local sunrise).

  • 1971

    January, 1971-Transfer of control of Valley Broadcasting Company from Robert J. Kelly (56% before, none after) to William L. Gratopp (24% before, 80% after) for $22,600.  Mr. Gratopp becomes General Manager of KRFS.

  • 1974

    July, 1974-  Control of Valley Broadcasting Co. sold by William L. Gratopp (100% before, none after) to Leroy Wolfe, Gilbert Wolfe and others (none before, 100% after) for $115,000.  Charles Wolfe is the General Manager.

  • 1976

    Format flip from Country to to Top 40 and Oldies.

  • 1977

    Valley Broadcasting Company is granted an FM  KRFS, on 103.9 mhz, 500 watts at 59 feet, co-located with KRFS AM.  Sign on February 25, 1977.  Programming duplicates that on KRFS AM, then Easy Listening after KRFS AM signs off.

    Valley Broadcasting Company is sold by LeRoy L. Wolfe and others to David Rieck and Dennis E. Hull for $157,500.  Sale includes KRFS 103.9 FM.

  • 1978

    KRFS AM programming returns to MOR and Country.

  • 1980

    September, 1980-  Granted transfer of control of stations from David Rieck (50% before, none after) to Dennis Hull (50% before, 100% after) for $53,900.  Rieck has no other broadcast interests.  Hull is vice president of the stations.

  • 1987

    MOR/Country format is adjusted to full Country, with weekly Oldies 8 hours.  Adds ABC affiliation.

  • 1988

    KRFS AM is authorized for 44 watts night time operation.

  • 1990

    August, 1990-  Valley Broadcasting Co. Inc. (Dennis and Mary Hull) sell to Superior Broadcasting Inc. (Herbert R. and Ruby J. Hoeflicker) for $120,000, including KRFS FM.  Hoeflickers are husband and wife who are each 50% shareholders of H.R.H. Broadcasting Corporation, licensee of KFRM AM, Salina, KS.

  • 2002

    October, 2002-Hoeflicker Stations (Herbert R. Hoeflicker, President) sell KRFS AM & FM to CK Broadcasting, Inc (Cory Kopsa, President) for $150,000.

  • 2004

    KRFS AM flips format from Country to Adult Standards.