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1260 AM, Kimball

City of License: Kimball, NE

First Air Date: January 13, 1959

Operating Power: 1,000 watts, daytime only

Original Call Letters: KIMB

General Manager: Gene King

Issued To: Kimball Broadcasting Corporation

Through the Years

  • 1959

    January, 1959- Station signs on, owned by Kimball Broadcasting Corp. (Tom Lutey, Chairman of the Board.  Studios/offices located at 414 West 2nd Street, Kimball, NE.  Transmitter-2.5 miles north of town on Old Highway 71 and County Road 38.

  • 1961

    July, 1961-Station is sold to KIMB, Inc. (Norton & Diane Warner, Wyman & Willa Schnepp, 25% each) for $50,000.

  • 1962

    September, 1962-Warner acquires full control with purchase of stock from the the Schnepps for $6,000 consideration.  Warner assumes General Manager position with occasional step-asides for duration of ownership.  Format is Middle of the Road with two to six hours of Country.

  • 1971

    In small market radio for the long haul, the Warners acquire KLIN AM and FM in Lincoln, NE, raising their portfolio of stations to 4AM and 3 FM.  The other stations are in Kansas and Colorado.

  • 1981

    December, 1981-KIMB is sold to James E. George for $300,000. George is plant manager at a Columbus, NE manufacturing plant with no other broadcast interests.

  • 1987

    License goes to Western Management Corporation (Joel H. Wrens, principal) for $50,000.  Format:  satellite-delivered Adult Contemporary from SMN.

  • 1988

    Night time operation with 112 watts is authorized.

  • 1992

    August, 1990-  Station is sold to David S. Young, General Manager of KSID, Sidney, NE for $50,000.

  • 1994

    Station flips SMN satellite-delivered format to Country.

  • 1996

    Studios/Offices are moved to 213 Chestnut Street in Kimball.

  • 2002

    January, 2002-  Station is sold to G&L Investments (Gregory Steckline) for $65,000.  Station was dark at the time.

  • 2003

    December 31, 2003-License is assigned on a pro forma basis to Steckline Communications in exchange for a parcel of land.

  • 2004

    May, 2004-KIMB is sold to Legacy Communications (Jay Vavricek) as part of a package that included KMMJ, KRGI AM/FM, Grand Island, and KRGY, Aurora for $4.75 million.  Format changes to Gospel.

  • 2007

    KIMB is sold to Kimball Radio (Michael Victor) for $300,000, including KBFZ 100.1 (later KYOY).  Construction permit is authorized for community of license change to Ogallala, NE (50,000 watts days, 112 watts nights).  Tower site selected is four miles south of Ogallala.  With no further progress, the permit was allowed to expire as of December 15, 2008.

  • 2008

    July, 2008-KIMB is sold to Sterling Radio (Alexander L. Creighton) for $50,000. Sterling silences station on September 2nd with intentions to apply for a facility change.

  • 2009

    March, 2009-  KIMB is sold to Main Street Communications (Michael Radio Group, Loveland, CO).  Studios/Offices located at 816 East 3rd Street, Kimball.

  • 2012

    September, 2012-  Station is sold to Laramie Mountain Broadcasting (Victor A. Michael, Jr.) in exchange for forgiveness of $100,000 debt owed by Main Street.  Station has been silent much of the time for several years.  Filings indicate the transmitter site will no longer be available in the future.

  • 2014

    March 21, 2014-  Station goes dark due to technical problems.

  • 2015

    March 23, 2015-  After missing the FCC deadline for silent stations to resume broadcasting within on e year, Laramie Mountain’s Vic Michael surrenders station license to the FCC for deletion.