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1240 AM, Lincoln

City of License: Lincoln (David City)

First Air Date: March 4, 1924

Operating Power: 10 watts

Original Call Letters: KFOR

Issued To: David City Tire & Electric Co.

Through the Years

  • 1924

    March 4, 1924-  KFOR, owned by the David City Tire & Electric Company, signs on in David City and is located at 345 North 5th Street. (KFOR call letters are still inscribed on the top of the building facade).  Original signal was at 1330 kHz at 10 watts of power.

    June, 1924-  Power is increased to 100 watts.

    September, 1924-  Howard Shuman is added as a partner.

  • 1926

    KFOR’s power is increased to 100 watts.

  • 1927

    Station frequency is moved to 1380 kHz, permitting the Community of License to be moved from David City to Lincoln, NE. Power remains at 100 watts.

    Station is purchased by the Lincoln Hatchery, 12th & N. Street, Lincoln, with the slogan, “The Poultry Station of the Middle West.”

    August, 1927-  Station is sold to Station Manager and partner Howard Shuman.

  • 1928

    Frequency is moved from 1380 kHz to 1210 kHz.

  • 1929

    Station’s power is increased to 250 watts days, 100 watts nights.

  • 1932

    Station moved transmitter location to 46th & O Streets and studio is moved to Hotel Lindell, 13th & M, Lincoln.

  • 1933

    KFOR is sold to Cornbelt Broadcasting (H. E. Sidles and Charles Stuart, subsidiary of Union Holding), joining co-owned KFAB, forming the region’s first duopoly.   Studios are moved to Hotel Lincoln, 9th & P Streets in Lincoln.

  • 1941

    Station gets a new transmitter and a new transmitter site at 48th & Vine, Lincoln.

    Dial position is moved to 1240 kHz during the NARBA frequency shifts and 250 watts full time.

  • 1943

    KFOR is sold to James Stuart Broadcasting for $350,000, which includes KOIL, Omaha, NE.

    Studios are moved into the Stuart Building at 13th & P Streets, Lincoln.

  • 1953

    March, 1953-Legendary Nebraska broadcaster, Richard Chapin begins his long career in radio as an account executive at KFOR radio.

    September, 1953-  Chapin is named General Sales Manager of the station.

  • 1954

    April, 1954-  Dick Chapin is named General Manager over KFOR Radio and Television.

  • 1957

    Transmitter is moved to 4525 Vine Street, Lincoln.

  • 1961

    KFOR power is increased to 1,000 watts day, 250 watts night.

  • 1974

    Tower height is increased and FM antenna is installed.

  • 1985

    Stuart Enterprises sells KFOR and KFRX FM and other Stuart stations to DKM Broadcasting Corporation (Atlanta, GA) retaining Richard Chapin as the head of radio.

  • 1997

    January 1, 1997-  Three Eagles Communications (Roland Johnson) purchases KFOR.  Three Eagles had previously bought sister station KLMS on August 30, 1996.

  • 2014

    September 12, 2014-Three Eagles sells KFOR and other co-owned properties.

  • 2014

    KFOR and sister stations are purchased by Digity Companies (Florida) from Three Eagles.

  • 2016

    February 25, 2016-  Alpha Media (Portland, OR) purchases the Digity stations for $264 million (116 stations in 26 markets), including KFOR and sister stations.