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106.5 FM, Ogallala

City of License: Ogallala, NE

First Air Date: 1975

Operating Power: 3,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KIBC

Format: Standards, Semi-Classical Music

Issued To: Industrial Business Corporation

Through the Years

  • 1975

    KIBC, 93.5 FM signs on with 3,000 watts at 300 feet.  Owner is Industrial Business Corporation (owned equally by Willard Soper, Ira Humphreys, Richard Villm, Milford Krajewski, Frank Kersenbrock,  William A. Morrell, Russell M. Van Every, Claudine Davidson, Jimmie Jensen, Loren Kilste, Kenneth Hagge and Donald McGinley).
    Main Studio and offices:  20 North Spruce Street in the First National Bank building.
    Transmitter:  1 mile East Northeast of Ogallala’s Keith County Courthouse.

  • 1977

    October, 1977-Owners are denied a review of the Commission’s assignment of a second FM for the market requested by Ogallala Broadcasting (Ray Lockhart) on grounds that public interest and not competitive position should determine the allocation.  Second channel soon went to to KOGA FM, 92.7.

  • 1978

    KIBC joins ABC Information network.

  • 1980

    Industrial Business Corporation (Willard Soper, Russell M. Every, et al, ) sells to Connell Radiowest (W.A. Connell and son W. David Connell for $110,000.   Call letters are changed from KIBC to KMCX.

  • 1981

    July, 1981- Rulemaking sought by Ogallala Broadcasting to substitute 99.7 for 92.7 (KOGA FM) and 105.1 for 93.5 (KMCX) for operation on new channels, with Connell Radiowest to be reimbursed by Ogallala Broadcasting for expenses incurred in changing channels.

    September, 1981-  This was quickly changed to substitute 106.5 for 105.1 (KMCX) in order to correct earlier assignment which inadvertently resulted in shortspacing between 105.1 mhz and 105.3 mhz at McCook, NE.

    November, 1981- Connell Radiowest sells to John A. Bower for $75,000.   Main studio moves to 600 East First Street.

  • 1982

    Frequency switch is completed to 106.5 FM, 100,000 watts at 300 feet.  Format change to Country.

  • 1992

    August, 1992-JBS Communications, Inc. (John A. Bower) sells to Midwest Broadcasting Company, Inc. (Donald J. Keck) for $125,000.

  • 1993

    April, 1993-Midwest Broadcasting (Donald J. and Darleen K. Keck) sells to Ray Lockhart, owner of KOGA AM/FM for $184,000.  Studio moves in with KOGA, 113 West 4th Street.

  • 1997

    Ogallala Broadcasting (Ray Lockhart) reaches a deal to sell KCMX 106.5, along with KOGA AM & FM to Goodstar Broadcasting (Alan Goodman, President) for $3.25 million.  Deal fails to close.

  • 1998

    August, 1998-Ogallala Broadcasting (Ray Lockhart) sells KMCX 106.5 FM, along with KOGA AM & FM to Central Star Communications for $4 million.    Central Star is a subsidiary of Capstar Broadcasting ( Thomas O. Hicks).  Deal includes Prophet Systems, the Lockhart-developed digital automation programming system.  Capstar owns or is buying 245 FMs and 102 AMs.

  • 2000

    After a series of mergers and purchases involving Chancellor Media and AMFM Inc., Capstar’s stations become a part of Clear Channel Communications.

  • 2007

    Clear Channel’s Ogallala group, KMCX 106.5, KOGA 930, and KOGA 99.7, was to be included in GoodRadio.TV, LLC’s purchase of of dozens of Clear Channel markets, but the deal fell through when its financing group, American Securities Capital Partners, objected to the deals $452 million cost.

  • 2014

    Clear Channel becomes iHeart Media, aka IHM.