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105.5 FM, Fremont

City of License: Fremont, NE

First Air Date: July, 1972

Operating Power: 1,500 watts

Original Call Letters: KHUB FM

General Manager: Glen Ligenfritz

Date of FCC Issue: 1972

Issued To: KHUB, Inc (H.C. Snyder)

Through the Years

  • 1972

    KHUB FM signs on, simulcasting co-owned KHUB 1340 AM.

  • 1976

    April, 1976-KHUB Inc. (KHUB AM/FM) is sold by Harry Snyder to Interim, Inc. (George Allen & Richard Shaheen) for $600,000.

    June, 1976-  Interim’s corporate name is changed to KHUB, Inc.

  • 1980

    Station gets a new tower at 450 feet, two miles Southwest of Fremont across the Platte River on Reed Lane.  1,200 watts

  • 1984

    July, 1984-  Call letters are changed to KFMT.

  • 1991

    Programming drops simulcast of co-owned KHUB 1340 AM for Adult Contemporary.

  • 1992

    September, 1992- KFMT and KHUB are sold to Robert Clauss and Joseph Nugent for $400,000.  (Nugent applied for 97.3 FM in Blair September the following year.)   Format flip from Adult Contemporary to Country.

  • 1996

    Joseph Nugent agrees to sell KHUB AM/KFMT FM to K-Heartland Broadcasting (Terri E. Simpson) for $582,000.  The sale also included a Construction Permit for KMRV, Blair, NE to K-Heartland for another $18,000 (Deal fails to close, KHUB, Inc later sells to Mitchell Broadcasting).  Format is flipped from Country to Oldies/Classic Rock.

  • 1997

    May, 1997-  KFMT is sold to Mitchell Broadcasting Co. for $422,000 which includes KHUB 1340 AM.  Del Meyer is named General Manager.

  • 2002

    Mitchell sells station to Waitt Radio, Inc. as part of a $36.6 million package that included Mitchell’s other 16 Nebraska and Iowa holdings.

  • 2005

    Waitt merges with New Radio Group, forming NRG Media (Mary Quass, President).

  • 2012

    NRG sells to Community First Media (Richard Chapin, Dean Sorenson) for $900,000 plus receivables.  This includes KHUB 1340 AM and KBLR 97.3 FM, Blair, NE.

  • 2013

    Community Broadcasting sells KFMT, KHUB and KBLR to R&R Broadcasting, Inc. (Rick Siebert) for $1.15 million.  Chris Walz, Station Manager.

  • 2014

    R&R Broadcasting sells KFMT, KHUB and KBLR to Walnut Radio (Steve Seline) for $1.25 million.