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99.9 FM, Omaha

City of License: Omaha, NE

First Air Date: December 30, 1959

Operating Power: 58,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KFAB FM

Format: Light classical and pop music

General Manager: Lyle Bremser

Issued To: KFAB Broadcasting Co.

Through the Years

  • 1959

    December 30, 1959-  KFAB-FM signs on with a 24 hour schedule.  Separate programming except overnight Serenade in the Night, automation.  Owner is KFAB Broadcasting Co. (Journal Star Printing Company and May Broadcasting, 49% each.

    Tower location at the co-owned KFAB AM site, 58,000 watts, at 440 feet antenna height.

  • 1960

    July, 1960- Station gets authorized power increase to 115,000 watts.

  • 1961

    Began regular evening stereo music schedule using the two-radio method with KFAB 1110 AM.  This is discontinued before year’s end.

  • 1969

    Station begins stereo operation, programming light classical and pop music as Cloud Nine Stereo. 

  • 1974

    October, 1974-Call letter change to KGOR, Rock 100, with automated stereo “Rock for Adults.”

  • 1975

    Main transmitter is moved to the TV antenna farm on the KMTV tower at 72nd & Crown Point, 1230 feet.

  • 1981

    Introduced a live morning show, eventually leading to the phasing-out of the automation

  • 1986

    September, 1986-KGOR is sold to Henry Broadcasting (San Francisco, CA), including KFAB AM for $22 million.

  • 1988

    After a format battle with KQKQ, KGOR flips to a Classic Gold format.

  • 1989

    Ken Headrick retires, and is replaced as General Manager by Bob Sweet.

  • 1992

    Bob Sweet resigns as Paul Aaron takes over as General Manager, with a focus on Husker sports.

  • 1994

    Format adjusts to 70’s Gold. 

    Chuck Jewell, the General Manager after Paul Aaron resigns, keeps KGOR out of KFAB’s Husker sports contract bid.

  • 1995

    Station tries an ill-fated attempt at a syndicated morning show out of Los Angeles, Mark & Brian Show, which only lasts for five weeks after many listener complaints over the show’s content.  Mornings are replaced by former 60’s KOIL DJ, Roger W. Morgan.

  • 1996

    KGOR is sold to American Radio Systems (Boston, MA) including KFAB 1110AM for a deal valued at $115million.

    Donn Seidholtz comes aboard in October 1996.

  • 1997

    Triathlon (Norm Feuer) closes on the purchase deal which began in October 1996, to buy KGOR and KFAB for $39 million, including the Muzak franchises for Omaha and Lincoln.   Donn Seidholtz replaces Chuck Jewell as General Manager.

  • 1999

    May, 1999- Capstar (Austin, TX) buys Triahlon’s 32 radio stations, including KGOR and KFAB for an estimated $200 million.

    A deal included Pinnacle Sports Productdions that Triathlon had purchased for $5 million in March, 1997.

    October, 1999- Clear Channel Broadcasting acquires Capstar’s stations that by October were owned by AM/FM Inc., the outgrowth of a Capstar and Chancellor Media merger.  The Clear Channel deal was valued at $23.5 billion for the AM/FM merger.  KGOR is now in a company that owns 840 radio stations.

  • 2000

    Tracy Gillam replaces Donn Seidholtz as General Manager.

  • 2001

    Donna Baker replaces Tracy Gillam as General Manager

  • 2003

    the syndicated John Tesh Show begins evenings for a ten year run.

  • 2007

    Taylor Walet replaces Donna Baker as General Manager.