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610 AM, Chadron

City of License: Chadron

First Air Date: May 19, 1954

Operating Power: 1,000 watts Day, 180 watts Night

Original Call Letters: KCSR

Format: Full Service Country

General Manager: Robert Fouse

Issued To: Community Service Radio

Through the Years

  • 1953

    May 19,1954- KCSR signs on at 1450 kHz, 1,000 watts with unlimited hours.  Studios/offices located at 12 Bordeaux St. Chadron, NE.  Transmitter located 1.5 miles west of Chadron, North of US 385 junction with Bridges to Buttes Highway.

    Owner is Community Service Radio Corporation. (Robert Fouse, William H. Finch).

  • 1958

    February, 1958-Transfer of control- 60% stock transferred from Robert W. and Rachel R Fouse to partner William H. Finch for $8,000.

  • 1959

    August, 1959-KCSR is sold from Community Service Radio Corporation to community Service Radio Company (E.F. Huse Jr and K. S. Huse) for $40,000 plus a $20,000 non-compete for five years.  New company is a subsidiary of Beef Empire Stations that include WJAG, owned by Huse Publishing of Norfolk.  John J. Miller is named General Manager.

  • 1960

    Station is authorized a move from unlimited hours to 6am-6pm Specified Hours.  Continues until 1963.

  • 1963

    Frequency moved to 610kHz, daytime operation only at 1,000 watts, following a three-year effort.

  • 1967

    October, 1967-  KCSR receives Pre-sunrise authorization at 500 watts.

  • 1971

    KCSR is sold to Big Sky Company. (Kermit Kath, Gerald Rounsborg, Tony Kehl, Donald Jones) for $162,500.  Irvin Burkey is named General Manager.

  • 1984

    June, 1984- Big Sky transfer of control (50%) from Deloris Kath (widown of Kermit Kath) to Alan Kath (son) for $250,000, including KQSK FM.

  • 1991

    Big Sky (Jess Pilkington, Gregg Donald Jones, Alana Greg Kath) is sold to Chadrad Communications (Dennis and Kathleen Brown) for $150,000.  Format:  Country, News, Farm.

  • 2011

    Chadrad puts on KBPY 107.7 FM, licensed to Hays Springs, NE.  50,000 watts at 466 feet.  Rock format.  Slogan: “KBPY Rocks the Ridge.”