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1560 AM, Council Bluffs, IA

City of License: Council Bluffs, Iowa

First Air Date: October 31, 1947

Operating Power: 500 watts

Original Call Letters: KSWI

Date of FCC Issue: October 31, 1947

Issued To: Council Bluffs Nonpareil

Through the Years

  • 1947

    KSWI goes on air (as South West Iowa).  Studios were located in the Strand Theater in Council Bluffs.


  • 1964

    April, 1964-  station sold from Nonpareil to Abe Slusky and Clair Gross.  Stock purchased by J. LeRoy Spurgeon.  Studios were moved to a location at 546 Mynster Street and the call letters were changed to KRCB (“Radio Council Bluffs”).

  • 1967

    July, 1967-  Slusky sells KRCB to a Michigan Lawyer, James J. Conroy.

  • 1969

    March, 1969-  KRCB adopts a Top 40 format, and would add an FM sister station, KRCB-FM (98.5)

  • 1970

    The polka music programming that had been a popular feature on KSWI was given new life on KRCB as “The Big Joe Polka Show”, hosted by Joe Siedlick and aired on Sunday mornings.

  • 1975

    January 24, 1975-Station is sold to John C. Mitchell.

  • 1978

    October 25, 1978- Station call letters changed to KQXV.( the “XV” being the Roman numeral for 15, representing the station’s approximate position on the AM dial.)

  • 1979

    April 12, 1979- Station call letters changed to KLNG. ( the KLNG calls originally were assigned to 1490 AM, which had a news/talk format in the 1970’s.

  • 1986

    Station changes format to R&B/Soul and goes by the moniker, “The Wizard”.

  • 1989

    Station is purchased by Bob Wilkins, with Wilkins Communications.  Station later receives FCC approval for a power increase to 10,000 watts day, 2,100 watts critical hours.    Format: Christian Programming.