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1060 AM, Ord

City of License: Ord

First Air Date: 1965

Operating Power: 500 watts

Original Call Letters: KNLV

Format: Adult Contemporary

General Manager: Larry Schultz

Date of FCC Issue: 1965

Issued To: KNLV, Inc. (Lloyd Zikmund, Dean Misko & 10 others)

Through the Years

  • 1964

    A group of Ord business owners and Lloyd Zikmund, the Valley County Farm Agent at the time, saw a need for a radio station in the area.  Somewhere around 12 individuals were involved with the station at that time.  Over time the other owners sold their interest until finally it had two owners when Sandhills Advertising Inc. bought it:  Dan Misko of Misko Sporting Goods and Lloyd Zikmund.  They were 50-50 owners with Misko as President and the one most involved in the day to day operations of the stations, working with and hiring the General Managers over the years.

    Original ownership was b y Loup Valley Broadcasting, which, when Misko and Zikmund remained as owners, it became KNLV, Inc.

    Transmitter- located 2.2 miles South of Ord.  Original studio/offices were at 113 N. 16th Street in Ord and were re-located to 203 S. 16th Street in March, 1970.

  • 2000

    KNLV AM & FM sold to Sandhills Advertising Corp., owned by Gene McCoy, Gene McCoy Sr., Bill Tourney & Jeannie Neidhart. Johnnie “JJ” James named general manager.

  • 2010

    January 1, 2011-KNLV AM & FM sold to MWB Broadcasting II, LLC, owned by Mark Jensen. Johnnie “JJ” James remains as general manager.

  • 2011

    Upgrade to 1,000 watts.

  • 2016

    April 25, 2016-  FCC opens up distant translator purchases.  MWB Broadcasting II bought a translator originally licensed to O’Neill, NE Translator K230BR; 93.9 FM goes on the air.