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103.9 FM, Terrytown, NE (Scottsbluff)

City of License: Terrytown, NE

First Air Date: January,1980

Operating Power: 3,000 watts

Original Call Letters: KCMI FM

Format: Religious

General Manager: Rev. Scott Peterson

Issued To: Christian Media, Inc.

Through the Years

  • 1980

    January, 1980-  Sign on at 3,000 watts at 108 feet.  Studios and transmitter-Highway 29, 1.25 miles west of intersection of County Road 71.  Owner- Christian Media, Inc.  Duane Pennington, President.

  • 1988

    Moved to 96.9 FM for an upgrade to 100,000 watts at 692 feet.  New transmitter and tower located west of NE-71, 10 miles south of Terrytown along County Raod 71 in the Wildcat Hills State Recreational area.   Studios/Offices to 209 E. 15th, Scottsbluff (uncertain of exact year.)

  • 2008

    Laramie, WY station on 96.7 wanted to move into the Ft. Collins, CO market, asked the FCC to move KCMI to 97.1 to allow  Laramie to change its community of license to Nunn, Colorado.  KCMI opposed the move, saying the change would mean it would face more interference in fringe areas.

    A ranch with its own FM translator, the FCC granted Owen Davis a new 205 watt translator K256BO 99.1 licensed to Davis Ranch, Nebraska.  Davis stated in the application the translator would rebroadcast KCMI 96.9 FM, Terrytown.  Davis Ranch is located along Highway 250 south of Rushville in Sheridan County.  K256BO’s main coverage area does not include any incorporated communities.

  • 2016

    May 17, 2016-Moved to 97.1 FM ending a nine-year dispute over whether it should be required to change frequency.  The move allows KIMX 96.7 FM Laramie to move to 96.9 in Nunn, Colorado, reaching Fort Collins.  KCMI fought the move over the feared loss of 65,000 potential fringe area listeners due to interference from KELN 97.1 FM, North Platte and KBCO 97.3 FM, Boulder, CO.  In a 2012 decision, the FCC said that fringe reception is not protected by FCC rules and protecting KCMI’s fringe reception would  “wreak havoc with the system of FM station spacing.”  KCMI has translators 93.5 FM in Sidney and 99.1 FM in Rushville.

  • 2021

    The license of Sidney translator K228DI 93.5 relaying KCMI expired June 1 after it did not file for license renewal.   The translator was owned by Friends of Christian Radio.